Sharon A. Newman

SANMy name is Sharon Newman, and I am a Ph.D. candidate in the EAPS department at MIT. I am broadly interested in the formation of fossils, including (1) how fossils are preserved and (2) environmental conditions conducive to fossilization.

Current research

My current research focuses on microbe-mineral interactions. I experimentally investigate the preservation of microorganisms (cyanobacteria) and soft-bodied organisms (scallops, worms, jellyfish) in siliciclastic environments. My work provides insight into fossilization processes on early Earth, and can also inform us about potential preservation on other terrestrial planets (such as Mars).



Ph.D. from the Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Dept. at MIT (expected August, 2017)

M.A. from the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Dept. at Columbia University (2010)

B.A. from the Earth and Environmental Science Dept. at Wesleyan University (2008)


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