About the Lab

The research in our lab integrates physiological and ecological studies of modern microbes with field and laboratory experiments in microbial sedimentology to develop a quantitative understanding of various morphological and geochemical biosignatures found in sedimentary rocks. Our laboratory also investigates microfossil record associated with some of the major climatic and geochemical oscillations in the Neoproterozoic.

Recent Publications

Bosak, T., Knoll, A.H., Petroff, A.P., 2013. The Meaning of Stromatolites. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences , 10,41, 21–44.
Liang, B., Wu, T.-D., Sun, H.-J., Vali, H., Guerquin-Kern, J.-L., Wang, C.-H., Bosak, T., 2014. Cyanophycin mediates the accumulation and storage of fixed carbon in non-heterocystous filamentous cyanobacteria from coniform mats. PloS one 9, 10, e88142.
Mariotti, G., Perron, J.T., Bosak, T., 2014. Feedbacks between flow, sediment motion and microbial growth on sand bars initiate and shape elongated stromatolite mounds. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 397 , 10,93–100.

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