Dr. Tanja Bosak

Associate Professor of Geobiology

Contact: tbosak[at]
Bosak CV




Matthew Joss

Graduate Student

Contact: mattjoss[at]

I am studying mechanisms associated with the burial and sequestration of organic carbon within marine sediments and their impact on the global carbon cycle. In particular, I am interested in studying how the physical protection of organic matter is enhanced or reduced by different iron concentrations. Currently my experiments involve studying clay precipitation mediated by heterogeneous cultures of marine cyanobacteria.



Dr. Giulio Mariotti

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Geobiology

Contact: giuliom[at]

My overarching research question concerns the evolution of the earth surface. My current research plan has two main overlapping components: the study of coastal morphology, and the coupling between morphology/geology and biology/ecology (i.e., ecogeomorphology and geobiology). In order to pursue this goal I use both analytic & numerical models and laboratory experiments.


Emily Matys

PhD Student in Geobiology

Through organic geochemical and micropaleontological analysis, I study the information that is preserved in sedimentary archives. As part of the Bosak laboratory, I continue to characterize body fossils from the Neoproterozoic interglacial period to better understand early eukaryotic radiation and possible connections with the dramatic environmental change associated with the Sturtian low-latitude glaciation.


Dr. Kristen Miller

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Geobiology

Contact: miller_k[at]



Sharon Newman

PhD Student in Geobiology

Contact: sharon.newman[at]

My current research focuses on the analysis of microfossils from the post-Sturtian glaciation, pre-Marinoan glaciation interval (~715-635 Ma). I am interested in combining micropaleontological and organic geochemical studies to shed light on eukaryotic life during the Neoproterozoic.



Ana De Santiago Torio

Research Associate

Contact: anast[at]

I am passionate about microbiology. I’m currently interested in understanding how sulfate-reducing bacteria respond to variable environmental conditions, such as nutrient limitation, and how those changes affect their metabolism. Ultimately, this might give us an insight into how sediments are influenced by the microbes living in them.



David Wang

MIT/WHOI PhD Student


My current work focuses on characterizing the physiological controls on the upper limit of sulfur isotope fractionation during microbially-mediated reduction of sulfate. I am broadly interested in understanding the influence of organic matter composition on sedimentary processes, in the context of Earth surface history and geochemistry.

Shikma_3Dr. Shikma Zaarur

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Contact: shikma[at]

As part of my interest in global cycles, I am studying microbial sulfate reduction (MSR) which is the primary mediator of the sulfur biogeochemical cycle. Sulfate reducing microbes have versatile metabolisms and habitats and have played a key role in the marine cycles of carbon and sulfur from the early geological time onward. I am investigating microbial metabolic pathways and growth conditions and their effect on the sulfur isotopic fractionation with the aim of understanding both the geologic isotopic record and the metabolic pathway of these microbes.

I am also interested in, and have studied carbonate mineralogy and clumped isotopes as a tool to reconstruct past climates. I am interested in both the development of this geochemical proxy and its application to natural materials and the terrestrial environment. My work has focused on Glacial-Inter Glacial climate change in the Levant and East Africa.

Friends of the Lab


Gilad Antler

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge.

Dr. Lilliam Casillas

Principal Investigator, Biology Department, University of Puerto Rico- Humacao.


Dr. Gill Geesey

Professor, Department of Microbiology, Montana State University


Elizabeth Johnson

Graduate Student, Department of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University

Dr. Dan Lahr

Assistant Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Francis Macdonald

Associate Professor, Harvard University

Dr. Laura Meredith

NSF-AGS Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Eileen Malloy-Molzberger

Graduate Student, Department of Biochemistry, Duke University

Dr. Sara Pruss

Associate Professor, Smith College.  

Dr. Florence Schubotz

Postdoctoral Researcher, MARUM/University of Bremen



Former Members

Dr. Alexander J. Evans

now a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University – Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Dr. Biqing Liang

now at Academia Sinica in Taiwan.

Dr. Alexander Petroff

now a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University.

Dr. Min Sub Sim

now at Agouron Postdoctoral Fellow at California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Stefanie Templer

currently in Emmi, Switzerland.

Kate Harris

pursuing a project to cycle the silk road:

Former undergraduate students: Joan Chen, Rachel Harris, Diana LaScala-Gruenewald, Anastasia Maheras, Deepa, Rao, Kristen Whaley, Jose-Luis Lugo (U Puerto Rico), Kevin Gildea


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